The right tools, in the right place

An amazing studio on wheels, ((RADAR)) ONE is a revolution in production that can Ingest, secure and back-up critical Digital Camera Negative effortlessly, safe in the knowledge that every file moved is tracked and reported. Use the power of a full post facility to burn through image processing, dailies and editorial, all without ever leaving set. It's what happens when you put the right tools in the right place at the right time.

Built to house the greatest technology.

Computers don’t make films. People do. That’s why we moved the computers out of the work space - making it a productive, efficient and comfortable environment. Built to provide room for unit production staff too, there is a suite of amenities, from a private restroom to printing, copying, scanning and internet.

A heart of green

Solar supplements the highly efficient, quiet bio-fuel generator to reduce emissions and can provide up to 4 hours of stealthy silent-run, and with up to 45 days between refueling, it reduces the stress on your resources, and the planet's too.

Technical Specifications

  • 30 Terabyte SAN, in RAID 50.
  • 100 Processor Renderfarm
  • DDR Infiniband Network (1.6 GB/s Sustained)
  • LDAP secured login and file-access privilages
  • T1 Satellite Internet Connection, encrypted
  • Cell Repeater for CDMA and GSM
  • Tri-Boot: Linux, Windows and Mac OSX
  • Quadro FX5900 powered Graphic Workstations
  • 6 Eizo cg245w Color Grading Monitors
  • 57”, 32” and 27” HD TV (Active 3D) for Playback
  • 2 Wacom Cintiq monitors/ HID
  • 5 Avid MC Control, Color and Transport Surfaces
  • USB 2.0, Firewire 400/800 and Thunderbolt I/O
  • Multiple HD-SDI, SD-SDI, BNC and HDMI 1.4 I/O
  • HP Wireless Fax, Copier, Scanner
  • Wifi Hotspot to 1 mile, encypted
  • Secure, logged, keycard entry throughout
  • 4 Video cameras monitor vehicle and surroundings
  • ((RADAR)) Vehicles can plug into each other using our 40Gb/s link to expand and scale capabilities.

The right tools, in the right place.

REMOTE is a revolutionary solution, able to ingest, secure and back-up Digital Camera Negative effortlessly - leaving you free to sync sound, color correct and process to a wide range of deliverables, right on the spot,with enough power to manage the most demanding formats.

Keep Rolling.

From studio to rugged locations and beyond, REMOTE can get there, and keeps processing footage all the way. The quiet interior is comfortable and productive because it's built around the greatest tech on earth- the human.

A heart of green

Producing content doesn't have to cost the earth. With its clever power management software to ensure it uses the least amount of power  possible, REMOTE frees you to process all your footage with, or without, a generator or a standard 110v outlet. It's an amazing amount of freedom.

Technical Specifications

  • 6 TB Fast Storage, Expandable up to 10 TB
  • Up to 1 GB/s transfer speeds
  • Secured login and file-access privileges
  • Eizo Color Grading Monitor
  • HD-SDI input for HD video assist.
  • 21.5" Multi-Touch Interface
  • USB 2.0 Gigabit Ethernet, Firewire 800
  • All ((RADAR)) Vehicles can plug into each other using our 40Gb/s link to expand and scale capabilities.